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Low temperature tank sludge dyer
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Low temperature tank sludge dyer

Sludge low-temperature tank dryer
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Product Introduction of Sludge low-temperature tank dryer

The low-temperature sludge drying equipment developed by BOE environmental Protection can directly dry sewage or sludge with a moisture content of less than 83% to dry sludge with a moisture content of 10%-30%. The reduction can be as high as 90%, and the effective sterilization can be as high as 90%. Low energy consumption, no pollution, widely used in municipal sludge and industrial sludge (printing and dyeing, papermaking, electroplating, chemical industry, leather, pharmacy, etc.) for drying reduction. Dry sludge with 10%-30% moisture content can be gasified later , Mixed burning, composting, or building materials and other harmless resource disposal.


Structure of Sludge low-temperature tank dryer

Low temperature dehumidification, condensation drying, safe, suitable for materials with strong heat sensitivity

Closed drying, no odor escape, small floor space, low civil construction cost

Low energy consumption, 0.25-0.5kw.h/1000kg.H2O, long service life, short installation and debugging cycle

Drying from 80% to 10% moisture content, unique three-layer mud bucket design, high efficiency

Fully automatic operation, simple operation and maintenance

Technical Specification of Sludge low-temperature tank dryer


Model Data


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