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Sludge low temperature waste heat dryer
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Sludge low temperature waste heat dryer

The low-temperature sludge drying equipment independently developed by BOE Environmental Protection uses the principle of low-temperature heat pump dehumidification and uses convection hot air drying to reduce the amount of wet sludge on the mesh belt. The whole set is the same as a fully enclosed type. Design, dry hot air without heat loss.
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Product Introduction of Sludge low temperature dryer

The low-temperature sludge drying equipment developed by BOE environmental Protection can directly dry sewage or sludge with a moisture content of less than 83% to dry sludge with a moisture content of 10%-30%. The reduction can be as high as 90%, and the effective sterilization can be as high as 90%. Low energy consumption, no pollution, widely used in municipal sludge and industrial sludge (printing and dyeing, papermaking, electroplating, chemical industry, leather, pharmacy, etc.) for drying reduction. Dry sludge with 10%-30% moisture content can be gasified later , Mixed burning, composting, or building materials and other harmless resource disposal.


Structure of Sludge low temperature dryer

10%-30% moisture content, reduction can reach more than 80%

1:4 dehumidification ratio, twice the industry standard

No odor emission, no need for deodorization device

No heat loss, 100% heat utilization

Operating cost as low as 180kw.h/T

Low temperature is safer and no dust hazard

Process flow chart of Sludge low temperature dryer


Model Data


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