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The benefits and significance of using a sludge dryer
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The benefits and significance of using a sludge dryer

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The benefits and significance of using a sludge dryer

Sludge is the solid precipitation material produced by the water and sewage treatment process. Its main characteristics are: high water content (can be as high as 99% or more), high organic content, ease to rot and smell, and the particles are finer, the specific gravity is small, and it is in a colloidal liquid state. The sludge is divided into main sources: domestic sewage sludge, industrial wastewater sludge, and water supply sludge. The disposal and treatment of all kinds of sludge have become a stubborn disease that restricts urban development and urban sanitation. The emergence and use of a low-temperature tank sludge dryer can solve the problem of sludge well. Next, let's take a look at the benefits and significance of using a sludge dryer. Here are some answers.

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What are the benefits of using a sludge dryer?

What is the point of using a sludge dryer?

What are the benefits of using a sludge dryer?

The sludge of rivers and channels with many kinds of microorganisms has always been ignored by people, and it has also brought many problems to urban environmental governance. The inclined lifting plate space of the sludge dryer developed by our works will dry the sludge, which is convenient for the assembly of sludge bio-organic fertilizer. It is the first-choice drying equipment for organic fertilizer manufacturers. With the strengthening of the country's economic strength and the improvement of national environmental protection awareness, the urban sewage treatment industry has developed rapidly, and the output of urban sludge is increasing day by day. The disposal and development and utilization of sludge area units are more and more involved. The use of a Low-temperature sludge dryer to dry the sludge makes it possible to treat the sludge for agricultural use, as a fuel, incineration, and even to reduce landfill sites.

What is the point of using a sludge dryer?

With the strengthening of national energy conservation and emission reduction efforts, the improvement of national awareness of environmental protection, and the increasing production of urban sludge, the issue of sludge disposal and development and utilization has become an important issue of the national environmental protection remediation work. The development of a low-temperature belt sludge dryer has made sludge agricultural use, sludge fuel, and sludge incineration possible. The improvement and innovation of sludge drying technology and sludge dryer have directly promoted the development of sludge disposal methods, expanded the selection range of sludge disposal methods, and made sludge disposal methods safe, reliable, and sustainable. The guarantee is getting more and more reliable.

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