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Mechnicial Screen
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Mechnicial Screen

Wastewater Screening is a mechanical treatment, which is widely used many places, such as river channel, channel, bar screen wells, water pumping stations, hydropower stations, waterworks, power plants, steel mills, etc. Wastewater Screening is the first process step of preliminary treatment for both municipal and industrial wastewater applications. The goal is usually to completely separate floating, settling and suspended material, dependent on the bar spacing or perforation, and remove the material from the flow into a container.
Fine screen, tooth rake, nylon
Fine screen, tooth rake, SS304
Fine screen
Perforated plate screen
Coarse screen
According to the difference of the suspended solid diameter and location of installation, BOEEP develops 5 type of screening device.
Externally Fed Rotary Drum Screen
Grid gap(mm):0.25-2.5
Rotary Drum Screen
Grid gap(mm):0.5-5
Fine Screen
Grid gap(mm):1-15
Coarse Screen
Grid gap(mm):15-100
Static Screen Filter
Grid gap(mm):0.5-2.5
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