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Operation of Belt Filter Press equipment
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Operation of Belt Filter Press equipment

Operation of Belt Filter Press equipment

Belt Filter Pressis mainly used in papermaking, printing and dyeing, pharmaceuticals, mining, steel, coal, tanning, and other industries. It is widely used in urban sewage treatment and industrial sludge dewatering. Next, let's take a look at the operation of belt press machine equipment. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  1. Preparation before operating Belt Filter Press.

  2. The process of operating Belt Filter Press.

Preparation before operating Belt Filter Press.

First, it is necessary to check whether the air compressor reaches the set pressure before starting the Belt Filter Press. Second, before driving the gravity belt thickener, check whether the valve of the automatic cleaning filter is opened or closed as required at the time and whether the water and gas pipelines are normal. Third, check whether the motor on the sludge mixing tank is running normally. Fourth, check whether the sludge pump is working properly. Fifth, check whether the equipment is well lubricated. Sixth, check whether the related equipment is correct.

The process of operating Belt Filter Press.

Start the air compressor, and observe whether the air compressor pressure gauge can meet the working pressure requirements, and check whether it will automatically stop when the set pressure is reached. After everything is correct, proceed to the next step. Start the electric control cabinet host button, Belt Filter Press runs.

Observe the operating conditions of the filter belt during operation. The filter belt is generally ensured to be at the symmetrical position of each roller during normal operation. When the filter belt is shifted, the correction cylinder drives one end of the correction roller to move forward or backward, to ensure that the upper and lower filter belts have a maximum deviation. More than 30mm. When the deviation of the two filter belts reaches the limit, the host should be stopped and the deviation adjustment device should be checked. Once the filter belt is found to have deviated, the pressure difference between the upper and lower filter belts should be adjusted, and the pressure difference should be adjusted. It should be determined according to the level of sludge on site. The higher the sludge concentration, the greater the pressure difference, and the general range is between 0.05-0.1Mpa. The fully-enclosed gravity belt filter press's filter belt deviation adjustment device is equipped with an inductive sensor, and the filter belt exceeds Set the position, that is, the electrical signal controls the host to stop running immediately to prevent damage to the filter belt.

The two Belt Filter Press belts are equipped with independent washing systems, and the backwashing device is adopted to ensure the cleanliness of the filter holes of the belt filter to maintain the dehydration effect. Therefore, the effect of backwashing directly affects the quality of dehydration, and the pressure of backwashing water should be within the pressure range of 0.25 to 0.4Mpa. After normal operation, the sludge pump and dosing device can be started; after entering the sludge, check the dry sludge effect after sludge pressure filtration.

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