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Fine Screen
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Fine Screen

Fine Screen

Product introduction

The BOEEP fine screen is one of the important dirt pretreated and blocked equipment in the wastewater treatment. It can be applied for municipal sewage, drainage pumping plant, urban wastewater, industry wastewater.

Model display

Structures and working principles

The rakes made of nylon or stainless steel are fixed on the chain shaft according to a certain arrangement, which will form an enclosed circulating toothed harrow surface. The whole rakes surface does the circulating exercise from top to bottom driven by the driven chain. The solid suspended matter intercepted on the toothed harrow will be picked up to the discharge port and be cleared away by turning the brush. Then the goal of protecting the water pump and reducing subsequent work load will be reached.


1. The movement with the whole screen surface.

2. With overload protection device, reliable work.

3. Supply the complete set, convenient in installation.

Installation size figure shape

Technical model data


1. Theoretical water flow(exclude sediment etc.)=average velocity of the flow across the gate * discharge area * water efficiency.

2. The designed water flow rate V=1m/s corresponding to the water level difference is approximately as △H=200MM.

3. Water discharge area= Channel width B*(Water level before the screen H1-H)/sinα.

4. The power in the above table corresponding to the tooth movement speed 2m/min.

5. The actual water flow should be based on the gate slag and water etc. Usually, it should be estimated according to the value which is 0.5 times more than the theoretical.

Ordering instructions

1. The model selection must refer to the technical parameters and technical requests, the model and the slag outlet height must be indicated. Otherwise, the slag outlet will be organized as 750mm.

2. If the material and motor brand are not noted, we will use our domestic motor, and the material will be SS304.

3. The pre-set plate, slag storing device, conveying device are all needed to be purchased separately. The installation structure of the pre-set plate needs to be asked from our technician.

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