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Sludge Dewatering Equipment
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Sludge Dewatering

The Sludge Dewatering System is a fully automated system capable of starting up, operating, and shutting down with no operator intervention. This is possible because the control panel is designed to control the operation of sludge directly from the biological processor or clarifier, the Automated Polymer Feed System, flocculation, Sludge Dewatering, and Sludge Cake Conveyor to remove dewatered cake to Sludge Cake Hopper. Thus, all components of the dewatering system work together, automatically starting up, operating, and shutting down as required.
As a famous brand of China, BOEEP is committed to the development and production of the most competitive equipment in the sludge dewatering system, such as Volute Screw Press, Belt Filter Press, Polymer Preparation Unit, Screw Sludge Conveyor, Sludge Cake Hopper. After years of market proof, BOEEP Sludge Dewatering System products are widely recognized and get the praise by customers.
Sludge dewatering is the separation of a liquid and solid phase whereby. Generally, the least possible residual moisture is required in the solid phase. Meanwhile, the lowest possible solid particle residues are required in the separated liquid phase.
A typical example of this type of two-phase separation is the dewatering of sludge from municipal sewage plant or industrial waste water treatment. In this case, the residual moisture in the dewatered solid determines the disposal costs and the separated liquid determines the pollution load returned back to the treatment facility. Minimizing both must be achieved at the lowest possible cost, with the lowest possible polymer and energy consumption, with low maintenance costs and with the lowest possible number of required operating staff.
In the whole sludge dewatering system, the sludge dewatering device Volute Screw Press and Belt Filter Press are core product series of BOEEP, which have a very high market share nowadays. Usually, different kinds of sludge will be produced during water processing. The sludge dewatering devices are mainly used to decrease water content, reduce sludge volume, and make the processing of the next sludge treating step easier. Volute Screw Press and Belt Filter Press are widely used in the wastewater treatment market. After many years of production experience and market development, we have studied these two products in depth. In the process of improving the performance and quality of the conventional ones, a lot of subdivision products have been developed.

Volute Screw Press

Definitely, Volute Sludge Dewatering Press is an innovative sludge dewatering machine which offers many advantages over conventional sludge management methods. As our star product with the excellent performance and high standard quality, it has a very high market share. In addition, according to the customers’ requirements for on-site process of sludge treatment and the ultra-low concentration of sludge, we BOEEP has developed new products, such as Volute Screw Thickener, Pre-thickening Screw Press, Vehicular Screw Press. Especially Pre-thickening Screw Press integrates the functions of concentration and dehydration.

Belt Filter Press

As a conventional sludge dewatering machine, Belt Filter Press is widely used in the market. In order to satisfy the requirements of different customers in the market and according to the processing capacity, inlet concentration and load resistance capacity, we BOEEP has innovated, created and developed varieties, such as Rotary Drum Belt Filter Press, Gravity Belt Filter Press, Heavy Duty Belt Filter Press and Gravity Belt Thickener. Among these, Heavy Duty Belt Filter Press is widely praised by the vast of customers because of its high treating capacity.

Other equipment of Sludge Dewatering System

In the whole sludge dewatering system, there are other three kind of essential equipment. The serve the front and the next steps for the sludge dewatering. They are Polymer Mixing System, Sludge Conveyor and Sludge hopper. Polymer Dosing System is responsible for mixing the flocculants with solution, dissolving or diluting, then dosing the flocculants solution into the Sludge Dewatering Machine with Polymer Feed Pump. The dehydrated sludge will be conveyed by the Screw Conveyor into the Sludge Cake Hopper.

Mobile Sludge Dewatering Unit

BOEEP can provide complete systems or an integrated package for sludge treatment. For every case of application, we offer a solution to use mobile or stationary containerized plants for sludge handling. All process equipment is arranged inside one 40 or 20 feet standard container. This enable us to achieve very short realization time. You will get reliable and tested plants and only need plug and play at site. BOEEP Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant has been widely exported to many countries and gotten many good repercussions.
BOEEP has over 20 years’ professional experience as a waste water treatment equipment manufacturer and engineering service enterprise.




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