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Introduction to Belt Filter Press
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Introduction to Belt Filter Press

Introduction to Belt Filter Press

The dehydration process of Belt Filter Press is generally divided into three sections: gravity dehydration, extrusion shear dehydration, and high-pressure press dehydration. To balance the moisture content, flow characteristics, and anti-pressure (and external force) of the sludge in each dehydration section, and improve the solid-liquid separation effect. In the study of Belt Filter Press, the structure of the three sections of gravity dehydration zone, squeeze shear dehydration zone and high-pressure dehydration zone were improved to varying degrees. Next, let's take a look at the relevant introduction of the Gravity belt filter press. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  1. Six process characteristics of Belt Filter Press.

  2. Installation and commissioning of Belt Filter Press.

  3. Precautions for Belt Filter Press.

Six process characteristics of Belt Filter Press.

First, the residence time of sludge thickening is short. The residence time of traditional sludge thickening tanks generally takes more than ten hours, while the dehydration residence time of the sludge dewatering Belt Filter Press belt thickening section is only tens of seconds to 1 to 2 minutes on average. Second, the belt-type concentration section is designed to be inclined, which increases the static pressure head of the feed part and improves the dehydration efficiency. Third, both the concentration section and the filter press section of the industrial belt Filter press machine adopt step-less speed regulation to match the process. Fourth, the filter cloth correction device adopts pneumatic feedback and unilateral automatic correction. Fifth, the filter cloth cleaning device adopts nozzles and a scrubbing mechanism for automatic cleaning. Sixth, the filter cloth tensioning device adopts pneumatic tensioning, so the operation is flexible and the maintenance is simple and convenient.

Installation and commissioning of Belt Filter Press.

The main unit is installed on the foundation, and the two sides of the rack are aligned front and back, left and right, and its levelness is not more than 3mm. After the frame is leveled, the anchor holes are poured with cement mortar (cement and sand 1:3), moisturizing and hardening. After the cement is solidified, the anchor nuts are tightened evenly in stages, and finally, the gaps on the bottom of the machine are filled with cement. And be trimmed. Adjust each roller of the equipment so that its axis is perpendicular to the center plane of the frame, and the non-parallelism of the axis of all the rollers is not more than 2mm, and pad adjustment is allowed. The installation of the high efficiency Belt Filter Press should be accurate and straight.

Precautions for Belt Filter Press.

First, closely monitor the operation of the main drive motor, air compressor, backwash pump, and mixing mixer. Second, properly adjust the dosage of flocculating agent during operation to achieve the best effect of sludge dewatering machine. Third, always check the location of the medicine storage tank to ensure the supply of medicine. Fourth, frequently observe and check the operation of the filter belt. Fifth, check whether the position of the correction switch is displaced. Sixth, observe whether the correction system is operating correctly. Seventh, whether the air pressure of the air compressor is maintained within the pressure range (0.55 to 0.65Mpa). Eighth, frequently observe and check whether the upper and lower flushing pipelines are unblocked. Ninth, check the movement status of various parts of the gravity belt thickener regularly.

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