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Basic information of polymer dosing device
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Basic information of polymer dosing device

Basic information of polymer dosing device

A polymer dosing device is a complete set of equipment with dosing, mixing, liquid conveying, and automatic control. It is used in power plant raw water, boiler feedwater, oil field ground gathering, and transportation dehydration treatment system, various petrochemical dosing systems, and wastewater treatment systems. Next, let's take a look at the basic information of polymer dosing devices. Here are some answers.

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l What is a polymer dosing device?

l Performance description of polymer dosing device.

l The functional characteristics of polymer dosing device.

What is a polymer dosing device?

The dosing machine is an automatic dosing device, which is mainly used for the treatment of boiler feed water, circulating water, hydrazine, and phosphate in power plants. It may also be employed in industries like fossil oil, chemical, environmental protection, and water system systems. The polymer dosing device mainly consists of a solution tank, a metering pump, a filter, a safety valve, a check valve, a pressure gauge, a buffer tank, a level gauge, a control cabinet, etc., which are integrated and installed on a base. The user only needs to place the polymer dosing device in the dosing room, connect the water inlet and outlet and turn on the power to start and put it into operation. This factory-based complete device can greatly reduce the workload of design and on-site construction. It provides a reliable guarantee for the standard, safety, and on-the-spot operation of the complete system.

Performance description of polymer dosing device.

The polymer dosing device mainly includes the feeding system, storage tank, dosing system, power control system, etc. The dissolving tank is equipped with level gauges, low-level alarms, valves, and other facilities required for automatic operation. The outer wall of the whole body is equipped with a magnetic flap level gauge to observe the liquid level in the barrel in real-time. On the whole body, there are a feed port and a spare port. On the side of the barrel, there is a discharge port, a drain port, an overflow port, and a level gauge interface. Corresponding matching valve. Once the liquid level within the barrel is a smaller amount than the set low-level price, the alarm is mechanically turned on, and therefore the dosing pump is suspended. The dosing system includes centrifugal pumps, electromagnetic flowmeters, and related valves.

The functional characteristics of polymer dosing device.

The polymer dosing device takes the system design as the main body and overcomes the disadvantages of poor systematicity in traditional products that take a single device or component as the main design body. The chemical compound dosing device absorbs the essence of dosing technology reception and abroad and uses a replacement style conception to optimize the method. The modular design of polymer dosing device product structure and the integrated combination can facilitate capacity and function expansion. The polymer dosing device can flexibly configure the best solution according to different water quality and different requirements of users. Polymer dosing devices can choose manual, automatic, and other control methods to achieve different control requirements.

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