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Volute Screw Press
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Volute Screw Press

Volute Screw Press

Product Introduction

Volute Screw Press sludge dewatering machine which uses the screw extrusion principle is a new type of solid-liquid separation device. It reaches the goal of extrusion dewatering sludge by the powerful extrusion pressure of changing the screw diameter and distance, and the tiny spacing between moveable annular plates and fixed annular plates.


The main body of screw sludge dehydrator is made of multiple fixed annular plates and moveable annular plates with the screw shaft running through it. The front part is thickening department and the ending part is dewatering department. It can thicken and dewater sludge in one box and has taken place of the traditional filter clothes and centrifugal filtration method for its distinctive filter model.

Dewatering Principle

Sludge will be transported to the dewatering part after being thickened in the thickening part. In the advancing process, great pressure has been produced because of the gradually decreasing filter spacing and screw distance with the clogging of the back platen. Then the volume decreases continuously, and the purpose of fully dewatering will be achieved.


1. It can be widely used to dewater sludge of municipal administration wastewater, food, drink, slaughtering and breeding, printing, petrochemical engineering, papermaking, tannery and pharmaceutical.

Innovative structure design makes it possible that the device can be used for all kinds of sludge with high or low density, especially the sludge with oil, and it can be named the invincible opponent to dewater the sludge with oil.

2. The device cannot be clogged easily

Special dynamic and static rings make the device not easily clogged. Then there is no need to wash abundantly for preventing filter spacing being clogged, so it has reduced the number of water for washing and burden of inside circling and solved the clogging problems that the traditional dewatering devices bring.

3. Operation continuously and automatically

Screw sludge dehydrator can control its operation automatically including pumping out sludge, putting in fluids and discharge sludge. The device can operate through the team work of electrical cabinet, polymer feeder, sludge feed pump, polymer feed pump without manual operation. The device being clogged, filters running irregularly, or other situations that can affect the safety will not be occurred during the whole procedure. Daily maintenance of the machine can be done easily, conveniently and continuously all day without manual operation.

4. Operation costs can be saved

The integrate and compact design saves operation costs greatly. Low speed spiral press technology reduces power consumption greatly. The device cannot be clogged, which can reduce cleaning water greatly. Operation automatically all day can reduce manual costs greatly.

5. No secondary pollution

The rotation speed of screw shaft is about 2 to 3 revolutions per minute, and the rotation has no vibration and little noise. The multi plate screw press has the self-cleaning function, cannot be clogged, just need a little water to clean, and has no secondary pollution. The sludge is dewatered with such a slow speed and the odor is not diffused, which can create a very comfortable operation surrounding.

6. Flexible and durable frame

This machine’s design is quite flexible because it dewaters through mechanical extrusion and do not need large drum frame. Almost all the frame is made of stainless steel SS304 or SS316. The replacement parts are only the screw shaft and moveable annular plates, which contributes a long life and durable.

7. Saving engineering investment

Multi Plate Screw Press has the function of thickening sludge. It can deal with the aerobic sludge in the aeration tank directly. So it does not need thickening storage unit, which can reduce the space of sewage treatment facilities and construction costs.

8.Improving phosphorus removal function

Sludge will be dewatered in the aerobic situation, so in the sludge thickening tank or storage tank, phosphorus in sludge is not released under anoxic or anaerobic conditions, thereby improving the phosphorus removal function.

Model Selection

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