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Belt Filter
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Belt Filter

Belt Filter

Product Introduction

Belt filter press is mainly used for processing the sludge which is not concentrated in the thickening pool, such as A/O residual sludge, SBR residual sludge. It has two functions: concentration and dewatering. According to the difference in the processing of the concentration section, two types products are developed, Rotary Drum Belt Filter Press & Gravity Belt Filter Press.



1. Adopting advanced technical design ideas, combined with years of design experience and integrated design, Belt Filter Press can run stably, no shock, no vibration and no noise.

2. The surface has been treated as anticorrosion and painted with beautiful appearance. The structure is strong and durable.

3. Belt position correcting system: automatic continuous detection, extend belt’s life.

4. Press roller: SUS304, reinforced welding, machined by fine processing, enough strength.

5. Air pressure control device: the filter cloth tensioned by cylinder runs in its scope stably without leakage, high security.

6. Belt cloth: GKD, good durability and excellent corrosion resistance.

7. Control panel: Omron or Schneider. PLC adopts Siemens, easy operation and maintenance.

8. Sludge distributor: The thickened sludge shall be distributed evenly on the upper belt to ensure the equal squeezing pressure, improve dewatering efficiency & extend the life of belt cloth.

9. Flocculator tank: Adopts different layout with different sludge inlet concentration, to mix the polymer and sludge thoroughly.

Rotary Drum Belt Filter Press

Rotary Drum Belt Filter Press uses the rotary drum concentration to pre-dewater the sludge, which has two functions: concentration and dewatering. Its capacity is higher than the other simple filter press machine.

Gravity Belt Filter Press

Gravity Belt Filter Press is different from Rotary Drum Belt Filter Press in structure. The sludge is dehydrated by the gravity, this device is used in the higher capacity.


Model Data

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