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  • The working principle and use of fine bar screen


    A fine bar screen is solid-liquid separation equipment that can continuously remove impurities in fluids. It is indispensable special equipment in the production process of urban sewage treatment, water plants, power plant water inlets, textiles, food processing, papermaking, leather, and other industries. It is solid-liquid screening equipment commonly used in China. Read More
  • Importance of Mechanical Screen in Sewage Treatment


    AS we all know that the mechanical screen is necessary for the wastewater pretreatment. Why? Is it possible without screen? Let’s take a look at the role of the mechanical screen before answer this question, from which we can understand why? Read More
  • Technological Characteristics of Screw Type Sludge Dehydrator


    All the sludge dewatering machines have their own advantages and show their value in their particular field. The screw type sludge dehydrator has many advantages of low operating cost, high automation, easy to operate during sewage treatment In the 1960s, screw type sludge dehydrator earliest appear Read More
  • Solutions for Belt Filter Press


    As a professional manufacturer of sludge dewatering equipment with over 20 years’ experience, it’s necessary for BOEEP to share with you the solutions to the problems of belt filter press. Read More
  • Solutions for Motor Faults


    No matter sludge dewatering machine, mechanical screen or sludge scraper, when faults happens, we need to first judge whether the motor is causing the problem.Next, we will present some common faults of motor and solutions. Read More
  • Solutions for Reducer Faults


    In the previous chapter, we introduce the common faults of mechanical screen and solutions. In which, some of the faults are caused by the problem of reducer. In the next, BOEEP will elaborate on the gear reducer failure and solutions. Read More
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