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  • Solutions for Mechanical Screen Faults


    Winter has arrived at the Northern Hemisphere. Some problems of the wastewater screening machines are exposed gradually.In this topic, BOEEP will instruct you the solutions for mechanical screen faults. Read More

  • Sludge Dewatering Technology


    After sludge concentration process treatment, sludge is basically divided into solid and sewage liquids. Sewage treatment technology is used to complete sludge dewatering and sewage treatment. Traditional sludge dewatering technology is a natural drying method. This method has the advantages of low Read More

  • BOEEP Tells You The Knowledge of Sludge Concentration


    What is sludge concentration? According to the existing form of water in sludge, it can be divided into four types: interstitial water, capillary bound water, surface adsorbed water and internal water. Read More

  • BOEEP Tells You Sludge Treatment Methods


    BOEEP Tells You Sludge Treatment Methods Read More

  • BOEEP Guides You to Know Sludge


    What is sludge? Characters of sludge Classification of sludge Properties of sludge Read More

  • Applications of Screw Sludge Dehydrator in Wastewater Treatment for Livestock Breeding


    With the development of society, livestock and poultry breeding technology has become more and more extensive and professional. Compared with the traditional scattered farming, large-scale farming can greatly improve production efficiency and feed conversion rate, reduce production cost and increase economic benefits. However, large-scale farming of livestock and poultry also causes excessive concentration of fecal and urine and large increase of irrigation water, which brings great pressure to the ecological environment. Read More

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