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Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant
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Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant

Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant

Product Introduction

Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant is developed by BOEEP, which is a movable vehicle type sludge dewatering complete system, the unit is easy to move, it can serve for different sewage treatment factories in different places.

Working Principle

According to every sewage treatment factory’s request, mobile sludge treatment unit can be moved to the site and used to dewater the sludge in the sludge tank of sewage treatment factory. During operation, the first step is to open the Polymer Preparation Unit to mix the polymer completely. Then the sludge will be pumped by sludge pump from the sludge tank to the mixing & flocculation tank of the screw press, in which the sludge is mixed with the flocculant fed by the dosing pump. Then flocculated sludge flows into the main body of Volute Screw Press to be dewatered. After dewatering, the sludge cake is transported by the screw press, and the filtrate will return to the sewage treatment system for being processed again.



It can be of service for small sewage treatment factories

Completely enclosure, little odor

Low noise, low power consumption, compact design

Less wearing parts, easy to operate & maintain

Fully-automatic control, continuous operation

Easy movement, convenient

BOEEP has over 20 years’ professional experience as a waste water treatment equipment manufacturer and engineering service enterprise.




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