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Coarse Screen
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Coarse Screen

Product Introduction

The BOEEP Coarse Screen is a pre-treatment equipment for large and middle scale water supply and drainage works. It is widely used for municipal wastewater, waterworks, hydropower station and pump station to intercept and clean bigger floating objects (such as branches, weeds, woodchips, plastic wastes, household wastes and so on).

Model display


1. Using the isometric distribution toothed harrow to block the dirt automatically and continuously can avoid a large number of rubbish to block the screen.

2. Thoroughly in dregs seizing, high separation efficiency.

3. Complete machine, convenient installation.

Structure and working principles

FHG Coarse Screen is made of rotational system, rack, rakes, traction chain, underwater guide wheel, attached grid, main grid and slag retaining plate. The rotational system drives the tooth harrows to turn up and down by traction chain. The tooth harrows get down at the back of the grid. Underwater guide wheel changes its direction to the front of the grid in the bottom. The floating objects intercepted by the grid will be seized to the discharge port from bottom to top, then they will be transported to the conveyor or garbage.

Installation size figure shape

Technical Model Data

Ordering instructions

1. The model, channel width B, channel depth H. installation angle, discharge height must be noted before ordering. Otherwise, the height of slag outlet height will be treated as 750mm, installation angle 75 degree, grid height H1 will be treated as 2000mm.

2. The material must be noted before ordering.

3. The pre-set steel plate, and the auxiliary storing and conveying devices must be purchased separately.

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