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Related content of coarse bar screen
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Related content of coarse bar screen

Related content of coarse bar screen

Many people want to understand the situation that they want to try but have no idea about the coarse bar screen. Next, let me take you to understand some related content of coarse bar screen.

Here is the content list:

  1. Use of coarse bar screen

  2. How the coarse bar screen works

  3. Installation and debugging of coarse bar screen

Use of coarse bar screen

CS model coarse bar screen is a modern international advanced pulp screening equipment integrating purification and screening. It has the characteristics of high screening quality, large capacity, high screening efficiency, low energy consumption, and low fiber loss. It is especially suitable as rough screening equipment for various waste paper fiber raw materials.

How the coarse bar screen works

The coarse bar screen is a device that continuously screens the slurry under pressure in a completely closed state. During operation, the pressurized and unscreened pulp enters the outer periphery of the bottom of the screen drum of the body from the slurry inlet pipe along the tangent line. The pulp is lifted to the screening area. With the help of the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the screen drum, the qualified pulp enters the screen drum through the screen holes under pressure and is discharged from the good pulp pipe at the bottom. The rotating sieve drum generates high centrifugal force to throw impurities to the outer edge and drop to the bottom. In the process of flowing with the pulp, it settles into the slag collecting tank and is discharged regularly. During operation, a small amount of washing water washes heavy impurities and separates qualified fibers mixed with heavy impurities, reducing fiber loss in heavy impurities. Tail slurry and light impurities are discharged from the center hole of the upper cover. The positive pressure generated at the tail of the fixed fin on the inside of the screen drum plays the role of backwashing and cleaning the screen holes, which can prevent the screen holes from clogging and allow the slurry to pass through the screen holes smoothly, thereby ensuring the efficient and continuous screening of the coarse bar screen run.

Installation and debugging of coarse bar screen

The foundation of the coarse bar screen is a reinforced concrete structure. After the foundation reaches the curing period, the pressure screen is hoisted on the foundation, and the correction horn is placed, and the anchor is checked in series. After the preliminary level correction, the first grouting is performed. After the cement is firmly calibrated, the anchor bolts are tightened with the equipment, and the second grouting is carried out. The smooth operation of the coarse bar screen depends on the level of the top surface of the screen drum and the V-belt wheel. The above level should be corrected. Within 0.Imm/ m. To facilitate installation and maintenance inspections, there must be lifting equipment at the installation site, and the lifting capacity should be able to lift the weight of the entire coarse bar screen. There must be more than 2m of space directly above the coarse bar screen for future maintenance. For rotors, screen drums, and main shafts. Use the lifting holes on the base and the upper lifting ears to lift the coarse bar screen as a whole and place it on the foundation. When installing, the coarse bar screen must be level so that the screen body is balanced and the anchor bolts are evenly stressed during operation. When the coarse bar screen is flushed inside Ensure that the body is drained of liquid, and all anchor bolts of the foundation plate should be tightened. Mount the motor vertically on the motor bottom plate, and place the bottom plate on the motor slide rail. Put the V-belt wheel and the expansion sleeve on the motor rail, and make it at the same level as the V-belt wheel of the coarse bar screen. After the pulley is installed, looking down from the top, the motor rotates in a clockwise direction.

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