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The related information of sludge hopper
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The related information of sludge hopper

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The related information of sludge hopper

The sludge hopper is mainly used in the sludge dewatering room to collect the dewatered sludge cake and store it in the sludge hopper. When the sludge reaches a certain volume, the valve at the bottom of the sludge bucket is controlled to open, and the sludge cake is unloaded to the truck for transportation. Next, let's take a look at the related information of sludge hoppers. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  1. The environmental benefits of using sludge hopper.

  2. Sludge hopper can better tidy the environment.

  3. The advantages of sludge hopper in the treatment of sludge drying.

The environmental benefits of using sludge hopper.

Regardless of whether it is raining or the factory's production needs, a significant amount of sludge will be released. If this sludge is exposed, it can cause significant harm and heavily pollute the atmosphere. If it is not properly managed, it can lead to even greater damage. The manufacturer of sludge hoppers advises that when sludge encounters strong winds, it can be carried away by dust particles, potentially traveling long distances or causing fires. These risks can be easily prevented by using a sludge hopper, which not only improves air quality and the environment but also protects the surroundings. The primary function of a sludge hopper is to treat sludge.

Sludge hopper can better tidy the environment.

Because sludge is very polluting to the air, the use of sludge hopper can better clean the environment, harmful gases are also more convenient, and the degree of automation is relatively high, which can reduce the pollution of soil and air by sludge. degree. Sludge hopper can process viscous solid waste because the main device is the arch-breaking carriage and the unloading device. Compared with the traditional storage equipment, the product has a relatively stable, clean, and unloading device that is very stable. The viscous solid waste also has the characteristic of great resistance, which is why many people are willing to use sludge hoppers nowadays.

The advantages of sludge hopper in the treatment of sludge drying.

The sludge hopper has become an essential tool in sludge treatment due to its hydraulic bottom, making storage and sterilization easier. This equipment offers superior performance in sludge treatment, effectively addressing sludge issues and improving the environment, particularly in sludge drying. It not only sterilizes the temperature and pH effectively but also ensures safety during the reuse and disposal process. Additionally, by adding a specific amount of calcium oxide, it can passivate heavy metal ions. The alkaline nature of the treated sludge allows for its reuse, making the sludge hopper a recyclable tool.

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