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Installation and trial operation of Belt Filter Press
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Installation and trial operation of Belt Filter Press

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Installation and trial operation of Belt Filter Press

Now, more and more people use the Gravity belt filter press. Belt Filter Press has the benefits of easy structure, high dehydration potency, giant process capability, low energy consumption, low noise, high degree of automation, continuous operation, simple maintenance, etc. It is cost and operating costs are lower than that of a plate and frame filter press. Next, let's take a look at the installation and trial operation of the gravity thickening Belt Filter Press. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  1. Installation and safe operation of Gravity Belt Filter Press.

  2. Commissioning of rotary Belt Filter Press equipment.

Installation and Safe Operation of Gravity Belt Filter Press.

The fully-enclosed gravity belt filter press is installed on a platform that has been designed correctly. After the level is set, the bottom beam of the frame can be welded to the embedded iron. Before the industrial Belt Filter Press leaves the factory, all parts have been installed on the rack to become one, and it has been run and debugged correctly. The user generally does not need to adjust, including the two filter belts. Before the whole machine leaves the factory, all bearings, deviation adjustment sliding parts, tensioning sliding parts and reducer have been filled with lubricating oil, lubricating grease, etc., and the user only needs to check whether they have forgotten. After the whole machine is installed, check the nuts and bolts of each part for looseness. It is necessary to check whether the air supply connection of the air compressor, the power cord of the electric control box, and the motor are connected correctly and whether the recoil water pipe is connected correctly, etc.

Commissioning of Rotary Belt Filter Press equipment.

After the Belt Filter Press is installed by the above requirements, first perform a power-on trial run. First, check whether the motor is rotating correctly. Before running, check that the filter belt in the machine body is not folded. After the treatment is completed, the trial run can be performed. At the beginning of the equipment trial operation, first set the main power switch of the control cabinet to the energized position. On the control cabinet panel, start the air compressor first, observe the air pressure gauge of the air compressor, and turn it on after reaching the set pressure (0.55Mpa) Air source switch. Start the main drive motor of the gravity belt thickener first, and check whether the running direction of the running filter belt is correct, and the running direction is irreversible. If a reversal is found, stop immediately, and start the trial run only after reversing the power line of the motor.

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