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Continuous Gravity Belt Filter Press Sludge Dewatering for Sewage Water Plant
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Continuous Gravity Belt Filter Press Sludge Dewatering for Sewage Water Plant

BOEEP belt filter press sludge dewatering machine is used for concentrating and dewatering the sludge by the belt gravity. It can work continuous and is often used in sewage water plant.
  • DNY1.0
  • DNY

Product Introduction

DNY type gravity belt filter press is mainly used for processing the sludge which is not concentrated in the thickening pool, such as A/O residual sludge or SBR residual sludge. It has two functions: concentrating and dewatering. Compared with Rotary Drum Thickening Belt Filter Press the structure is different, for the sludge is dehydrated by the belt gravity, which is used in the higher capacity.

Overall structure

The mud inlet, dosing, mixing, reaction are all realized in the dewatering system, and the pipeline operation of dehydration and mud cake output is proceeded under the laminar flow condition.

In order to keep the device operating stably and reliably, the design and manufacture of dewatering machine should adapt to the harsh working environment with the high temperature and 100% humidity.

Dewatering machine runs smoothly and normally, no impact, vibration and abnormal sound, after all parts are checked to be qualified, the assembly can be executed.

structure of belt filter press       structure of filter belt press

Working Principle

After flocculation,materials is evenly sent to gravity dewatering zone by feeding mechanism , there is longer horizontal movement  and small angle rise in this section.  the material move together with the filter belt; Under the action of gravity, free water separates from the floc, remove most of the  free water in the material . Material loses almost of mobility, and scraped to filter press section by the scraper.

The material flow into the wedge-shaped area,  in which the filter pulp is pressed smoothly and evenly,the wedge-shaped area formed by the upper and lower filter belt becomes from big to small , these two filter belt closure at last , the pressed power for the filter pulp between the filter belt becomes stronger and stronger, the water is continuously discharged from the filter pulp, at this time this mud has completely lost the liquidity, and ready for the next step into the press area.

The press roller in the press dewatering zone is arranged by diameter from big to small the pressed force on the material increases gradually from small to large. After  pressing, dislocation & shearing from a plurality of S lined press rollers , remove most of the intercellular water, thus, the sludge dewatering is completed. When the filter belt goes through the discharging mechanism, the mud cake is scraped from the filter belt by the scraper. After cleaning and regeneration, the upper and down filter belt  returns to the gravity dewatering zone, thus finishing a sludge dewatering cycle.

working principle of belt filter press

Technical Parameter

Material: SUS304/316 Motor insulation level: F
Filter belt width (mm): 1000 Power: 380V,50HZ,3 phrase
Capacity (m3/hr): 12.5~15 Flushing pressure (MPa): 0.5Mpa
D.S. Dried Sludge (kg/h): 100~188 Flushing quality (m3/hr): 6~8
Press section filter belt speed (m/min): 1.0~5.0 Weight (kg): 2000
Thicken section filter belt spe (m/min): 3.5~17.5 Feed moisture content (%): 98~99.5
Motor main power (Kw): 1.49

Sludge cake moisture content (%): 75~85

Motor protection grade: IP55 Speed control mode of driving mode:Frequency control

Scope of application

The gravity belt filter press sludge dewatering machine is a continuous operation and efficient solid-liquid separation equipment. It is suitable for solid liquid separation in municipal, chemical, metallurgical, mining, food and papermaking industries, and so on. Especially in the municipal sewage treatment plant, the process is simple, the process applicability is strong, the operation is continuous, and the treatment efficiency is high.

application of gravity belt filter press


1-Continuous operation, large capacity, low power consumption and low noise which can make a good environment.

2-Main drive and its speed regulation mode: frequency conversion speed regulation.

3-Reasonable gas path design and high quality pneumatic components ensure the stable operation of equipment, improve the service life of equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

4-In the gravity dewatering area, adjustable sludge ploughs are installed, and the gravity dewatering time is long, which destroys the surface tension of the sludge and improves the gravity dewatering effect.

5-To provide users with perfect process guarantee, according to the requirements of users, we can provide sludge test, filter type selection, system debugging and other services.

Gravity Belt Filter Press Specifications & Model Data

specifications of belt filter press

model of belt filter press

Product Details

product details of belt filter press

Object Site

object site of belt filter press

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