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Pre-thickening Volute Screw Press Sludge Dehydrator for Wastewater Treatment
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Pre-thickening Volute Screw Press Sludge Dehydrator for Wastewater Treatment

BOEEP pre-thickening volute screw press sludge dehydrator for wastewater treatment is a integrated device for sludge thickening and dewatering.
  • YDL303
  • YDL

description of pre-thickening screw sludge dehydratorProduct Description

The equipment is widely used for lower consistecy sewage wastewater and is composed of thickening part& dehydration part. The concentration range can be from 2500mg/L to 20000mg/L, thus the investment can be reduced a lot. It's a professional integrated thickening& dewatering sludge dehydrator.

Main Structure & Working Principle

structure of pre-thickening screw press sludge dehydrator

Volute Sludge Dewatering is composed of screw body, driving device, filtrate receiver, pre thickening mixing system and frame. When the dewatering machine operates, sludge will be transported to the mixing tank by sludge feed pump, at the same time, the solid polymer has been added to the mixing tank quantitatively by the polymer feed pump. Mixing motor drives the whole mixing system to make the sludge and polymer fully mixed and then flocs will be produced. When the liquid level arrives at the superior level of the liquid level sensor, the liquid level sensor gets the signal to make the motor of screw body operates, then begins to press the sludge which has flows into the screw body. Sludge will be transported to the outlet step by step by the effect of screw shaft; filtrate will flow out by the space of fixed annular plates and moveable annular plates. 

  • Screw body

Screw body is composed of fixed annular plates, moveable annular plates, screw shaft, screw, gasket and lots of junction plate.  The front part of the main body is the thickening part, and the ending part is dewatering part. So the thickening and dewatering of the sludge can be finished in one canister. Sludge will be transported to the dewatering department after being thickened in the thickening department. In the advancing process, great pressure has been produced because of the gradually decreasing filter spacing and screw distance, and the back platen clogging. Then the volume decreases continuously, and the purpose of fully dewatering will be achieved.

  • Driving device

Drive device is the power source of the equipment, and the performance of drive device can affect the equipment performance directly. For this reason, the motor our company adopts has a superior performance with IP55 and F level. Frequency conversion starting and speed control mode can suit for different application conditions to avoid the impact of the load.

  • Filtrate receiver

Filtrate receiver, welded by plate, is used to collect filtrate pressed by screw body. Filtrate receiver is welded to the side plates directly, and there are flanges on the side to connect the external devices.

  • Pre Thickening Mixing system

The pre concentration system is composed of the pre concentration system (Figure 1), the mixing blades and the concentrated box.

pre thickening mixing system

The mixing system is used to make the sludge and polymer fully mixed in the thickening tank, the sludge can be flocculated to be gathered together, meanwhile, some of the water will be filtrated in the thickening system due to the gravity function, and the formed flocs will be transported to the screw body to press and dewater.

There are sludge inlet, overflow port, polymer feed port and vent nozzle in mixing tank. Also there is the level adjusting device to adjust the sludge inleting amount.

Technical Parameters

                                                                                                                              Parameter design
Type:YDL303 Dimension:L4000×W1630×H1900(mm)
Capacity:120-210kgds/h Power:3.35kw
Protection Level:IP55  F Power Supply:380V/3/50Hz or customize
Outlet sludge moisture content:75-85% Polymer feeding rate:DS  0.2~1%
Flush water:120L/h Water supply pressure:≥0.2MPa
Equipment weight:1100kg Operating weight:1850kg
                                                    Screw body                               Pre thickening mixing system
Diameter × Length:Φ300×2260(mm) Dimension:L1000×W1000×H1400(mm)
Quantity:3pcs Volume:1400L
Material:Plate: SUS304/ Screw Shaft: SUS304 Material:SS304
Motor Power:0.75×3KW Motor power:1.1kw
                                                                                                               Electrical Cabinet
1. Frequency converting controls dewatering body;
2. Controls polymer mixing device;
3. Realize the switch of automatic operation and manual operation.


BOEEP pre thickening volute screw press sludge dewatering machine can be widely used to concentrate and dewater sludge of municipal administration wastewater, food, drink, slaughtering and breeding, priting, petrochemical engineering, papermaking, tannery and pharmaceutical.

application of pre thickening screw press sludge dewatering


1-No blocking can reduce the flushing water, save money, and reduce the internal circulation burden caused by the reflux of the flushing water.

2-Electric cabinet, flocculants mixture tank and dewatering machine body are designed on one integral body, which can reduce the floor space and is convenient to install.

3-The dewatering machine is under sealing work, the treatment process is reliable and in time, the stench on site is reduced to minimum, and the working environment is improved.

4-24h automatic running can reduce the working strength operators.

5-Screw shaft running speed is low, usually 2~3shift per minute, low power consumption, there are almost no noise and libration on site.

6-Daily maintenance time is short and the maintenance operation is simple.

Technical Specification

technical specification of pre concentration screw press sludge dehydrator

technical specification of pre concentration screw press sludge dehydrator

technical specification of pre concentration screw press sludge dehydrator

technical specification of pre concentration screw press sludge dehydrator

Object Site

object site of pre thickening volute sludge dewatering

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