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High Quality Low Price Rotary Drum Fine Screen for Wastewater Filtration
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High Quality Low Price Rotary Drum Fine Screen for Wastewater Filtration

BOEEP rotary drum screen which has high quality with low price is for filtration of wastewater suspended matter. It is a kind of fine screening device.
  • ZG1000
  • ZG

Product Introduction

BOEEP Rotary drum fine screen is widely applied for wastewater treatment projects such as urban wastewater, industry wastewater, food process industry, paper industry and so on. This equipment can clean scum, short fiber, and suspended matter from the water intake, and then discharge them after pressing. It can be used for wastewater treatment engineering such as high precision process, small screen gap and low depth of channel.

Structure & Features

The Rotary Drum Fine Screen is composed of the drum assembly, screw shaft, conveying and pressing pipe, support, flushing device, electric cabinet, etc.

  • The screen net of the Rotary Drum Screen can achieve self-cleaning when operation. The equipment operates slowly, gravel and hard objects do not damage the equipment, the screen net cannot be blocked, and there are nylon brushes in the inside of the screen net. The fine screen has the function of filtration, pressing, dewatering and transporting. The fully sealing structure can prevent the odor leaking. The equipment operates stably, the energy consumption is little, the noise is low, the grid gap is small, and through the fluid diversion, the separation efficiency can reach over 97%.

  • The Shaft Screw Conveying Presser of the Rotary Drum Screen can press and dewater the grid slag effectively. During the transporting, the water in the grid slag will flow out because of its gravity.

  •  The underwater bearing adopts copper alloy sliding bearing. This bearing has the advantages of water resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and it can slide by itself in the water and does not need adding lubricating oil, which can ensure the equipment long-term operation without maintenance and prolong the service life of the Rotary Drum Screen.

  • The Rotary Drum Screen has the grid frame flushing system, and the flushing flow is controlled by the solenoid valve.

structure of rotary drum screen

working principle of rotary drum fine screen

Working Principle

The Rotary Drum Fine Screen has four functions such as intercepting dregs, getting rid of dregs, spiral lifting and pressing dewatering. It is mounted in the channel with the angles of 35 degrees, and the wastewater flows into the drum from the port of the drum, and the grid can intercept the dregs. Then the drum rotates at a fixed speed, and the nylon brush and flush water spray nozzle above the drum can get rid of dregs and export them through spiral lifting. The dewatered and pressed dregs will be delivered to the container or the transportation equipment. The whole process is clear and no smell.

Technical Parameters

Manufacturer: BOEEP Model: ZG1000
Screen type: Rotary Drum Fine Screen Appropriate canal width: 1100mm
Diameter of the equipment: 1000mm Grid gap: 0.5-5mm
Water flow: 240-795m3/h Installation angle: 35°
Height of discharge port: 750mm Flow rate through screen: ~1.0m/s
Motor power: 1.5kw Protection level of the motor: IP55
Insulation class of the motor: F level Power supply: 380V/50Hz/3P

Installation Size Figure Shape

installation of rotary drum screen

Technical Specification

technical specification of rotary drum fine screen

Model Display

Model display of rotary drum screenModel display of rotary drum screen

Model Data

model data of rotary drum fine screen

Note: The actual flow capacity is based on the screen slag quantity, water loss and other factors, so the margin must be considered.

Product Details

product details of rotary drum fine screen

Object Site

object site of rotary drum fine screen

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