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ISO Certificate Saving Energy Volute Extruder for Biochemical Pharmacy Sludge
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ISO Certificate Saving Energy Volute Extruder for Biochemical Pharmacy Sludge

The volute extruder produced by BOEEP which has ISO certification is a sludge dewatering machine, which has the advantage of saving energy and often used for biochemical pharmacy wastewater treatment process.
  • MYDL354
  • MYDL

Product Description

BOEEP volute sludge extruder which uses the screw ectrusion principle to separate solide and liquid is a new type separation device. It reaches the purpose of dewatering sludge by the powerful extrusion pressure of changing the screw diameter and distance, and the tiny spacing between moveable annular plates and fixed annular plates.

description of volute extruder

Overall Structure

The screw body, driving device, filtrate receiver, mixing system and frame consist the volute sludge extruder.

structure of volute sludge extruder

The main body is made of multiple fixed annular plates and moveable annular plates with the screw shaft running through it. The front part is thickening part and the ending part is dewatering part. It can thicken and dewater sludge in one chamber.

working priciple of volute extruder

Flow Chart

Sludge will be transported to the dehydration part after being thickened in the thickening part. In the advancing process, great pressure has been produced because of the gradually decreasing filter spacing and screw distance with the clogging of the back platen. Then the volume decreases continuouly, and the purpose of fully dewatering will be achieved.

flow chart of screw sludge extruder


function of volute extruder


BOEEP volute sludge extruder can be widely used to dewater sludge of municipal administration wastewaterr, tannery and pharmaceutical, papermaking, petrochemical engineering, printing, slaughtering and breeding, food, drink, ect.

Application of volute sludge extruder


  • Low energy consumption.

  • Minimal water consumption.

  • Minimal noise.

  • Low polymer consumption.

  • No need for proceeding sludge thickening.

  • Suitable for any type of sludge even suitable for dewatering oil/grease rich sludge.

  • Minimal maintenance and operational cost.

  • Capable for working 24/7.

Technical Parameters

Type:MYDL354 Dimension:L4700×W2710×H2130(mm)
Solid content:10000~50000mg/L Capacity:400-480kgds/h
Power:5.9kw Protection Level:IP55  F
Power Supply:380V/3/50Hz Output sludge moisture content:75-85%
Polymer feeding rate:DS  0.2~1% Flush water:280L/h
Water supply pressure:≥0.2MPa
                                                              Screw body                                                Flocculated mix tank
Specification × Length:Φ350×2800(mm) Dimension:L2000×W1000×H1150(mm)
Quantity:4 Volume:About 2300L
Material:Plate: SUS304/ Screw Shaft: SUS304 Material:SS304
Motor Power:1.1×4kW Motor power:0.75x2kw
                                                                                                                                     Electrical Cabinet
1. Frequency converting controls dewatering body;
2. Controls polymer mixing device;
3. Realize the switch of automatic operation and manual operation.

Model Choice

model choice of volute sludge extruder

Product Details

product details of volute sludge extruder

Workshop Site

workshop of volute sludge extruder

Object Site

object site of volute extruder

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