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PAM Powder Dosing System for Sludge Flocculation
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PAM Powder Dosing System for Sludge Flocculation

BOEEP PAM powder dosing system is applied for the polymer preparation which is one part of sludge dehydration system.
  • YTH4000
  • YTH

Product Introduction

BOEEP automatic PAM powder dosing system is an automatic device for continuous preparation and addition of polymer solutions. Its raw material is dry powder. It completes the chemical combination and mixing continuously and efficiently, so as to obtain homogeneous and active polymer solution. The equipment can be widely used in municipal sewage treatment, sewage treatment plants, paper mills and other processing industries.

workshop of BOEEP PAM powder dosing system

Structure & Features

BOEEP PAM powder dosing system consists of polymer feed device ( including material hopper), dry powder infiltration device, tank, level controller,  mixer, dosage water inlet pipe, electric control panel.

  • Polymer dosing device

    Polymer dosing device is composed of hopper, push screw, electric heater and etc. The effective volume of the hopper can meet the dosage for a long time which is equipped with sight glasses for observing material level monitored by the dry powder level meter. The push screw driven by the high-precision reducer can satisfy the dosage. The electric heater can installed in the discharge pipe of push screw, and it can prevent the powder from caking.

  • Polymer dissolving device

    Polymer dissolving device is composed of pre-soaking device, tank, and 3 sets of mixers. The pre-soaking device is to infiltrate and mix the polymer powder in advance. The 3 tanks are precast mixing tank, homogeneous slaking tank and solution storage tank, in which there is a mixer correspondly to guarantee the homogeneity.

  • Water supply device

    Water supply device is composed of pipeline, manual ball valve, filter, pressure gauge, solenoid valve, stop valve, and the rotor

  • flow meter, etc.

structure of PAM powder dosing system

Technical Parameter

Model:YTH4000 Polymer feed diameter:DN40
Polymer feed capacity:3.5-20kg/h Vent pipe diameter:DN40
Preparation capacity:4000L/h,curing time: 60min Overflow pipe:DN40
Dosing motor power:0.18KW Dosage water inlet flow:2.4-12 m³/h
Mixer motor power:1.5KW(380V,50Hz)1set,1.1KW(1.5KW(380V,50Hz)2sets Inlet pressure:0.2-0.3MPa
Electric heating power:0.02KW Outline dimension:2700mm(L)×1400mm(B)×2250m(H)
Dosage water inlet diameter:DN50 Main power:3.9KW

Main Features

  1. Optional: Vacuum feeding machine.

  2. Optional: on-line dilution system.

  3. Tank material: SS304 or SS316l, Polypopylene PP, FRP etc.

  4. Full automatic operation including automatic dosing, dissolving and feeding.

  5. The highly precise dry polymer dosing device and the well designed heater device can prevent the polymer from caking.

  6. The dosage of dry powder and water can be adjustable, so the solution with any concentration can be prepared.

Technical Specification

techinical specification of PAM powder dosing system

technical specification of PAM powder dosing system

Product Details

product details of PAM powder dosing system

Object Site

Object Site of PAM powder dosing system

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