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Grit Classifier
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Grit Classifier


BOEEP Grit Classifier is divided into WSF grit classifier and LSF grit classifier.

WSF grit classifier belongs to light type girt and water separation equipment. It can either be a stand-alone unit or it can work in conjunction with the Grit Vortex Separator. The concentrated grit from the Grit Vortex Separator is airlifted or pumped to the classifier for further separation, dewatering and removal. The WSF is mainly used for municipal waste water treatment plant. Its screw conveyor is shaftless type.

LSF grit classifier belongs to the heavy type grit and water separation equipment. It can handle the waste water with great quantity and high proportion of grit. The LSF is mainly used for industry waste water treatment system, such as the steel factory and chemical plants, etc., for continuously separate the oxidized scale, grit and sediment from the waste water.


The grit classifier consists of a slope bottom tank and a screw conveyor. The grit settled at the bottom of the tank is collected, lifted by the screw conveyor (25 degree) and then drained and discharged to make sure the moisture content of the discharged grit flow be less than 60%. The screw diameter and consequently the grit classifier model varies according to the volume of grit to be dewatered. 


1. Using the screw conveyor without the bearing underwater, to decrease maintenance needs.

2. Lined inside the U through with low friction, wear resistant material, easy to be changed. 

3. Integrated equipment which is convenient for installation and transportation.

4. Cost- effective, easy operation, easy installation.

Specifications & Model Data

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