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Rotating Decanter
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Rotating Decanter


Suitable for SBR process of CASS, CAST, ICEAS, DAT IAT method process, such as urban sewage and industrial wastewater treatment. In the paper, alcohol, dye, pesticide, leather, viscose, monosodium glutamate, sugar, and other industries in the processing of industrial waste water (liquid) have been widely used.

Product Description

The XBS rotating decanter is an important equipment in the Sequencing Batch Reactor Activated Sludge Process (SBR), it’s also the most widely used in domestic. This kind of water decanter working steadily, easy control, no leakage, flow smoothly and not disturb the sludge. Since the SBR process using a batch reactor, not need secondary sedimentation and sludge return equipment, can save a lot of investment in infrastructure and with good treatment effect, which has been widely promoted in our country. Its basic operation procedure composed by water fill, react, settle, draw and idle five basic process. It’s a complete cycle from waste water fill to its idle. The XBS rotating decanter achieves the function to drain the treated water quantitatively and regularly, that makes it possible to continuously treat the water in SBR pool which is the final purpose.

Working Principle

The XBS rotating decanter is mainly used for decanting in drainage stage, it generally stops at the highest water level of the upper pool. The decanting weir is driven by the transmission mechanism and then descends slowly to start decanting. Water goes through the decanting weir, supporting pipes, main pipes and flows out continuously. When the weir goes down and arrives at the pre-set depth, the transmission mechanism begins to reverse, which makes the decanter quickly return to the highest water level, and then it waits for the next order.




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