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Stainless Steel Auto Bar Screen Separator Machine Wastewater Inlet Screens
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Stainless Steel Auto Bar Screen Separator Machine Wastewater Inlet Screens


BOEEP multi rake fine bar screen for sewage filtration is a widely used and highly recognized dirt pretreated and blocked equipment in the wastewater treatment. It can be applied for municipal sewage, drainage pumping plant, urban wastewater, industry wastewater, etc.
It consists of transmission device, rake chain system, supporting frame and screenings removal mechanism.
Main machine frame is welded to special assembly platform according to the JB/ZQ4000.3-86 General technical conditions for welding parts. Tooth is made of quality stainless steel or nylon and is formed through primary stamping by using mound and punching machine. Tooth rake is a large rotational plane composed of many small tooth rakes. Nylon shall be used as isolation pad to ensure spacing between teeth.
This mechanical rotary fine bar screen is an overall net composed of several small teeth. Under the driving by chain, it does screen work from bottom to top. It discharges dregs by means of self-weight of screening and removal device.

·         This machine adopts fully-automatic control. It can still work even if there is no one keeping it. In case of any jamming, it will give an alarm and automatically stop.

·         Electrical overloading protection device adopts hot relay when faults occurs on the machinery or over-loading is available, it will automatically stop and gives an alarm.  Actions of this device are sensitive and reliable.

·         Main machine frame is integrated type and the structure is secure and reasonable.

·         Tooth surface shall have convex strips; ensure that it is not easy for deformation by strength

·         Dirt can be totally removed and the operation is flexible and reliable.

·         This device can act accurately and it can effectively prevent damage caused by over-loading to motor reduction box.

·         Chain and chain track form closed state, which can effectively prevent screenings falling into the track and to avoid jamming.




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