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belt filter press for sludge dewatering machine
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belt filter press for sludge dewatering machine

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BOEEP high duty type belt filter sludge dewatering device is mainly used for processing the sludge which is not concentrated in the thickening pool (such as A/O residual sludge). It has two functions: concentration and dewatering. Compared with the traditional gravity belt filter press, this equipment can meet the requirement of larger treatment capacity and lower sludge cake moisture content, by means of multiple press roll and high-pressure roll structure design. Meanwhile the outside door structure makes the system fully closed, maintenance expediently.
Product Features
1- The action of the filter belt correction device is flexible and reliable. When the filter belt deviates from the center 15mm (operation can be adjusted according to the actual operation), the filter tape correction device works automatically, and the strainer is not more than 30mm in the operation, which can be adjusted according to the actual operation condition.
2- The dehydrator has a washing system, and the flushing device is composed of a spray pipe and a nozzle. The spray range covers the width of the filter belt, and each nozzle can be replaced. The flushing device has good sealing property, and it is not allowed to splash water and wet mud cake. And equipped with backwash filter for easy maintenance and cleaning.
3- The filter belt is made of polyester monofilament, which has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, good permeability, easy to block, smooth surface and high solid recovery rate.
4- The empty load test of the dehydrator meets the requirements of 6.16 of JB/T8102-1999, and the load test meets the requirements of JB/T8102-1999 6.17.
Product Details

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