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Jiangsu BOEEP successfully concluded 2021 China Shanghai ring Expo
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Jiangsu BOEEP successfully concluded 2021 China Shanghai ring Expo

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Jiangsu BOEEP successfully concluded 2021 China Shanghai ring Expo

On April 20, the 22nd IE Expo China 2021 was grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center.


As a leading enterprise in the environmental protection industry, BOEEP was invited to present its solutions in sludge and sewage treatment at this environmental Expo.


During the three-day exhibition, 15 exhibition halls gathered 2200 leading enterprises in the global environmental protection industry to participate in the exhibition, focusing on the cutting-edge technologies and high-quality solutions of the whole environmental industry chain such as water and sewage treatment, solid waste treatment, air pollution control, site restoration, noise control, environmental monitoring and comprehensive environmental treatment.

In this exhibition, BOEEP mainly exhibited sludge low-temperature belt dryer, sludge low-temperature box dryer, screw sludge dehydrator and fully enclosed heavy-duty belt filter press and introduced in detail the core process of sludge treatment - "screw sludge dehydrator + heat pump low-temperature drying"


At the exhibition, BOEEP booth attracted the attention of many professional visitors. BOEEP staff communicated with every visitor with full enthusiasm.



At the exhibition site, many media interviewed and reported on BOEEP environmental protection and gave an exclusive interview to Mr. Huang Zhiyang, general manager.



The exhibition also issued the "list of top 100 enterprises of China Environmental Expo 2021" comprehensively evaluated by China Environmental Expo Industry Research Institute, and BOEEP was among them. The selection adopts the expert evaluation mode. According to the enterprise's revenue capacity, capital background, market segment share, exhibition area and other aspects obtained through enterprise application and public channels, the top 100 shortlisted companies are comprehensively evaluated from the primary enterprises.

The three-day exhibition will come to an end here~

Thank you for your hard work and coming all the way to visit~

Thank you for your support and trust!

BOEEP has over 20 years’ professional experience as a waste water treatment equipment manufacturer and engineering service enterprise.




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