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The structure principle of External Rotary Drum Screen
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The structure principle of External Rotary Drum Screen

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The structure principle of External Rotary Drum Screen

There are many kinds of filters, today, I will introduce to you the structure of the outer rotary trommel.

Here is the content list:

External Rotary Drum Screen device composition principle

The treated waste product enters the machine on the axial pipe water and flows out through the screen in an exceedingly radical form. The impurities within the water are treed on the inner surface of the filter screen on the drum. the big particles to be filtered are pushed out of the sieve by the guide vanes within the sieve. The external Rotary Drum Screen appropriate for the separation of solid suspended particles, fibers, and producer grains in industrial waste products and domestic waste. The filter screen of this machine is created of stainless steel, which boosts the separation ability of the instrumentality and therefore the anti-corrosion ability of the filter screen. With an entire self-cleaning system, the filter screen isn't blocked by dirt. The machine includes a compact structure and any low floor space which will endlessly and mechanically take away dirt and might take away suspended particles zero.5-3mm. The External Rotary Drum Screen is appropriate for separating the little suspended matter (pulp fiber) existing within the liquid to a restricted extent to realize the aim of solid and liquid part separation. The distinction between microfiltration and other ways is that the gap of the filter medium is extremely little. With the assistance of the force of the screen rotation, it's a better flow beneath lower water resistance, and it will intercept suspended solids. The fiber recovery rate will reach over the ninetieth, and therefore the recovered fiber concentration will reach over 3-5%. This instrumentality is specially developed to resolve the issues of the prevailing External Rotary Drum Screen being simple to the dam, simple to interrupt, serious maintenance employment, and high secondary investment. It's one in each of the sensible technologies appropriate for craft waste product treatment.

The principle of External Rotary Drum Screen continuous filtration

The principle of External Rotary Drum Screen continuous filtration is that when water enters the cylinder, the automatic control system will start the driving system and start the return pump. The drum begins to rotate slowly, extracting the backflow pump and filtering the backwash filter. The backflow refreshes the equipment that collects particulate matter in the sink, and the equipment is discharged through the drain pipe. At the same time, the filter is operating normally. When no water passes through the equipment, the equipment will automatically stop. The return water is filtered water, the water is 1-6m3/h, and the water pressure is 0.6 mph. The shell of the External Rotary Drum Screen is made of 304 stainless steel, including main parts such as inlet pipe, rotating cylinder, connecting rod gear, bearing, and rotating seal. The collection tank is arranged at the upper end of the center column. All the main parts are made of 304 stainless steel. The backwash system includes a return pump, flushing pipeline, nozzle system, dust collection tank, and sewage pipeline.

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