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Non Clogging Screw Filter Press Machine for DAF Sludge Dewatering
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Non Clogging Screw Filter Press Machine for DAF Sludge Dewatering

BOEEP screw filter press machine is often used for the dehydration of sludge produced by DAF and it does not clog.
  • MYDL353
  • MYDL

Structure of Screw Filter Press

BOEEP screw filter press sludge dehydrator is composed of screw body, driving device, filtrate receiver, mixing system and frame. When the dewatering machine operates, sludge will be transported to the mixing tank by sludge feed pump, at the same time, the solid polymer has been added to the mixing tank quantitatively by the polymer feed pump. Mixing motor drives the whole mixing system to make the sludge and polymer fully mixed and then flocs will be produced. When the liquid level arrives at the superior level of the liquid level sensor, the liquid level sensor gets the signal to make the motor of screw body operates, then begins to press the sludge which has flows into the screw body. Sludge will be transported to the outlet step by step by the effect of screw shaft; filtrate will flow out by the space of fixed rings and moveable rings.

structure of screw filter press

Working Principle of Screw Filter Press

The main body of screw filter press is made of multiple fixed annular plates and moveable annular plates with the screw shaft running through it. The front part is concentrating section and the ending part is dewatering section. It can concentrate and dewater sludge in one chamber and has taken place of the traditional filter clothes and centrifugal filtration method for its distinctive filter model.

working priciple of screw filter press

Sludge will be transported to the dewatering part after being concentrated in the thickenning section. In the advancing process, great pressure has been produced because of the gradually decreasing filter spacing and screw distance with the block of the back platen. Then the volume decreases continuously, and the purpose of fully dewatering will be achieved.

Flow Chart of Screw Filter Press

flow chart of sludge dewatering

Application of Screw Filter Press

Landfill leachate/refuse leachate/percolated fluid Animal husbandry/livestock industry/livestock breeding Refuse processing plant/garbage proposal
Biotechnology/bioengineering/biological engineering/bioengineering Anaerobic digested sludge/aerobic sludge Tobacco industry wastewater treatment
Brewery/wine process wastewater Hospital sewage Machining wastewater
Printing and dyeing Water purification industry Chemical wastewater
Petrochemical industry/oily sludge Eletroplating industry Paper making
Animal slaughter/animal butcher Recycled water/reclaimed water Coal chemical industry
Cooking wastewater/kitchen waste Industrial wastewater Textile

application of screw filter press

Features of Screw Filter Press

  1. Automatic & continuous operation.

  2. Cannot be clogged easily.

  3. Low operation cost. 

  4. Energy saving.

  5. Good surrounding with no vibration, no noise and little odor.

  6. Easy operation and maintenance.

  7. Compact set of flocculation, thickening and dewatering functions.

Technical Parameters of Screw Filter Press

Type:MYDL353 Dimension:L4520×W1980×H2130(mm)
Solid content:10000~50000mg/L Capacity:300-360kgds/h
Power:4.8kw Protection Level:IP55  F
Power Supply:380V/3/50Hz Output sludge moisture content:75-85%
Polymer feeding rate:DS  0.2~1% Flush water:180L/h
Water supply pressure:≥0.2MPa Equipment weight:3100kg
                                                                 Screw body                                                            Flocculated mix tank
Specification × Length:Φ350×2800(mm) Dimension:L1000×W1000×H1400(mm)
Quantity:3 Volume:About 1400L
Material:Plate: SUS304/Screw Shaft: SUS304 Material:SS304
Motor Power:1.1×3kW Motor power:1.5kw
                                                                                                                                      Electrical Cabinet
1. Frequency converting controls dewatering body;
2. Controls polymer mixing device;
3. Realize the switch of automatic operation and manual operation.

Model Choice of Screw Filter Press

model choice of screw filter press

Product Details of Screw Filter Press

product details of screw filter press

Object Site of Screw Filter Press

object site of screw filter press

Paking Site of Screw Filter Presspacking site of screw filter press

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