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Solutions for Reducer Faults
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Solutions for Reducer Faults

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Solutions for Reducer Faults

In the previous chapter, we introduce the ordinary faults of mechanical screen and solutions. In which, some of the faults are caused by the problem of reducer. In the next, BOEEP will elaborate on the gear reducer failure and solutions.

Problems-1: Vibration

Main CauseSolutions
Transmission misalignmentInspection, adjustment and alignment
Loose connector, damage of fit precisionFasten loose bolts
Dynamic balance failureCheck rotor dynamic balance

Problems-2: Excessive Noise

Main CauseSolutions
Poor lubricationReplace the lubricating oil
Poor meshing of gearsAdjust gear meshing
The accuracy of each part is reduced and the wear is seriousAdjust the accuracy of each part

Problems-3: Seal Leakage

Main CauseSolutions
Wear of shaft seal or reducer sealReplace shaft seal or reducer seal
Oil level is too highAdjust to the standard level
Bearing or journal damageReplace bearing or journal

Problems-4: High Temperature of Bearing

Main CauseSolutions
Bearing wear gap increasesAdjust or replace the bearing
Too much or too little lubricantAppropriate of adjustment of oil quantity
Lubricating oil of poor quality or containing impuritiesReplace qualified lubricating oil
Bearing looseningAdjust and tighten the bear seat

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