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Defeat coronavirus! We’re back to work!
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Defeat coronavirus! We’re back to work!

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Defeat coronavirus! We’re back to work!

In the Spring Festival of 2020, the whole of China is plagued by coronavirus.

In this period, some of our customers out of China called us asking the epidemic situation here. We’d like to explain:

1-So far, 66577 patients have been confirmed in China among which 1524 people have lost their lives. The mortality rate is about 2%.

2-Compared with the severity of the epidemic, China has taken much stricter measures to suppress it. Most people are advised to stay at for at least 14 days, without touching people out of family. Waiting for the virus to attack or disappear. Because the incubation and exposure time of the virus will not exceed 14 days.

3-The epidemic impacts the economy someway shortly. But people are doing well, peacefully.  Our country is always in a good order. God blessing.

You’re appreciated for asking.

Thanks to the support and trust of our government, although all businesses are now strictly controlled and not allowed to operate.

coronavirus boeep back to work

From today on, our company BOEEP resume work. According to the rules during this national epidemic period, the plant will be disinfected every day, our employees consciously wear masks and the HR manager is responsible for measuring the temperature of each employee twice a day. What I want to tell you is that we are working and producing in an orderly and safe way.

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Thanks for our customers’ support and trust in this epidemic situation. A lot of orders about sludge dewatering screw press, belt filter press, rake bar screen and rotary drum screen filter were received during the Spring Festival. We will try our best to deliver goods within the agreed time with quality and quantity guaranteed. 

We BOEEP deserve your trust!

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