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The structure and benefits of Belt Filter Press
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The structure and benefits of Belt Filter Press

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The structure and benefits of Belt Filter Press

Belt Filter Press is mainly used to treat the unconcentrated sludge in the thickening tank, such as A/O residual sludge, SBR residual sludge, etc. It has two functions: concentration and dehydration. According to the different processing technology of the concentration section, two products, Belt Filter Press and Gravity belt filter press, were developed. So, do you know the structure and benefits of Belt Filter Press? Next, let's take a look at it in detail. Here are some answers.

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Structure of Belt Filter Press.

The BOEEP Belt Filter Press is composed of a conditioning tank, a thickening drum, and a belt filter. When the flocculated sludge enters the rotating thickening drum, the concentrated sludge flows out from the gap of the drum, and the washing device is set on the top of the drum. The roller is used to clean the roller. The concentrated sludge is dispersed and transported to the filter belt thoroughly. After being pressed by gravity dehydration zone, wedge compression zone, pre-pressing dehydration zone, low-pressure dehydration zone, medium-pressure dehydration zone, high-pressure shearing dehydration zone, etc., the press is placed on the sludge in the forward direction of the belt, and the sludge cake will be discharged.

What are the benefits of Belt Filter Press?

First, the Belt Filter Press adopts advanced technical design ideas, combined with years of design experience and integrated design, the fully-enclosed gravity belt filter press runs smoothly, without shock, vibration, and noise. Second, the surface has been treated with anti-corrosion and spray-painted, and the appearance is beautiful. The structure is sturdy and durable. Third, the Belt Filter Press has a belt deviation correction system: automatic continuous detection to extend the life of the belt. Fourth, the pressure roller is SUS304, strengthened welding, fine processing, and sufficient strength. Fifth, the filter cloth tensioned by the air cylinder of the air pressure control device operates stably without leakage within its range and has high safety. Sixth, the belt cloth is GKD, which has good durability and excellent corrosion resistance. Seventh, the control panel is Omron or Schneider. The PLC adopts Siemens, which is convenient for operation and maintenance. Eighth, Belt Filter Press has a sludge distributor, and the concentrated sludge is evenly distributed on the upper belt to ensure equal extrusion pressure, improve dehydration efficiency, and extend the life of the belt cloth. Ninth, belt press machine has a flocculation tank with different layouts and different sludge inlet concentrations to make the polymer and sludge fully mixed.

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