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Solutions for Motor Faults
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Solutions for Motor Faults

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Solutions for Motor Faults

No matter sludge dewatering machine, mechanical screen or sludge scraper, when faults happens, we need to first judge whether the motor is causing the problem.

Next, we will present some common faults of motor and solutions.

Problem -1: Motor can not start or reach nominal parameters

Main CauseSolutions
Fuse burnout, switch or power supply problemsCheck the voltage of the power supply and working condition of power supply
There is a break in the stator windingUse megohmmeter check the stator winding
Winding and external cutting-out, poor contactInspection of Rotor Winding and Its External by Megohm Meter
Should be connected as “Δ” indeed as “Y”Connect in the right way
Overload of motorCheck the driving condition of the motor load

Problem -2: The motor starts with a loud noise, a large starting current and a large difference in three-phase current.

Main CauseSolutions
One of the six lead wires in the three-phase winding has the opposite connection between the beginning and the end.Adjust wiring

Problem -3: Three current imbalances.

Main CauseSolutions
Three current imbalancesMeasure power supply voltage
Partial coil short circuit in stator windingMeasure three currents
After overhaul, part of coil number errorUse the double bridge to measure the number of turns of each coil winding
After overhaul, some coils were wired incorrectlyChange wiring according to correct wiring method

Problem -4: Bearing overheating

Main CauseSolutions
Bearing damageChange bearing
Too tight or too loose fit between shaft and bearingReprocessing when too tight, hard chromium plating on shaft surface when too loose
Improper assemblyReassembly
Too much or too little lubricant, or poor oil qualityAdd proper amount of lubricant or change oil
Both end caps and bearing caps are not flattenedAdjust assembly

Problem -5: Amperometer pointer swing back and forth in operation.

Main Cause
One-phase wire break of winding rotorRepair or replace short circuit piece
Cage rotor broken barCheck short circuit point

Problem -6: Electrical leakage

Main CauseSolutions
No grounding wire or poor grounding contactConnect the line as required
Damage to dampness or insulation of windingsDry or replace insulation

Problem -7: Large no-load current

Main CauseSolutions
Power supply voltage is too highAdjust voltage
Corrosion or aging of silicon steel sheetsOverhaul iron core
The stator coil number is not enoughRewinding stator

Problems -8: Abnormal vibration or noise

Main CauseSolutions
Poor foundation or assemblyCheck basic condition and motor installation
Bad assembly or defective bearingCheck or replace
Rotor core modification and shaft bendingReplace rotor and adjust
Local short circuit fault of winding rotorMeasuring open circuit voltage of rotor
Stator core silicon steel sheet is not compacted tightlyReinforce

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