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BOEEP Gained Complete Success in EXPO 2019 China
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BOEEP Gained Complete Success in EXPO 2019 China

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BOEEP Gained Complete Success in EXPO 2019 China

On April 15, 2019, the 20th China Environmental Expo was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the first environmental protection exhibition in Asia and the second in the world, Jiangsu BOE Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of sludge dewatering system and wastewater treatment equipment, has brought the latest products to the booth of F23/G23 in Hall W1 of this year.

Highlight 1-New product releases.

At this exhibition, BOEEP launched the latest internal flow band screen, which can continuously and efficiently intercept solid objects in various shapes in the water, especially the flat, long strip, fiber-shaped grid slag which is difficult to intercept by conventional grids, which can greatly reduce the subsequent order. The load increases the efficiency of the downstream equipment and reduces the number of maintenances of the equipment. The exhibition attracted many visitors to the booth and consulted.

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Highlight 2- The main products are still highly attractive.

The volute screw sludge dewatering machine and the fully enclosed heavy-duty belt filter press dewatering machine are the main products of BOEEP, and they are also very prominent. Wherever it is, it is the best choice for municipal, food, petrochemical environmental protection equipment.

BOEEP innovative research and development of the multi disc screw dewatering machine, to adapt to the dewatering needs of sludge in different industries, including organic sludge, inorganic sludge, oily sludge, etc., have a better solution. The company has a conventional screw press dewatering machine, pre-concentrated screw press dewatering machine, screw press concentrate machine, vehicle screw press dewatering machine, mobile sludge dewatering system and so on.

boeep expo 2019

Highlight 3- Interview moment

During the exhibition, General Manager Mr. Huang of BOEEP accepted an exclusive interview with the two media platforms of E20 Environmental Platform and Polaris Environmental Protection Network, and described the development history and future planning of BOEEP.

BOEEP was established in 1995 and has a history of more than 20 years. The core technologies of the company are all related to sewage treatment and sludge treatment. Including high-efficiency solid-liquid separation technology, high-efficiency sludge dewatering technology. At present, the company has obtained nearly 30 patents, including six invention patents. The main products are high-tech products recognized by the state.

With the country's emphasis on environmental protection, enterprises and the public have increased their awareness of environmental protection, and the explosive development of the environmental protection market in recent years. In this process, BOEEP has also achieved rapid development, with an average annual growth rate of more than 35%, and the export volume has increased year by year. Currently, the number of countries and regions that have been exported has reached nearly 40, which is widely recognized by customers.

boeep expo 2019

Highlight 4- On-site consultation is hot.

In the past three days, our BOEEP has received more than a thousand people. The customers' questions have got professional answers. Brill design concept and first-class brand service have always been our requirements and have been insisting.

Customer recognition is the biggest driving force and source of BOEEP sustainable development. BOEEP thanks to the recognition of the majority of customers, we also remember this trust in our heart and put this responsibility on our shoulders. The company must continue to provide customers with innovative, high-quality, high-cost environmental protection equipment. Choosing to cooperate with BOEEP is to choose peace of mind, which is also the common feeling of many customers who cooperate with BOEEP.

boeep expo 2019

In the future, BOEEP will continue to invest and innovate in the research and development and manufacturing of environmental protection equipment. In 2019, BOEEP has started construction work for the new plant. The new factory is located on the west side of the central road of Yangzhou Environmental Protection Technology Industrial Park. It covers an area of nearly 22,000 square meters. The new factory includes high-standard production plants, automated environmental protection equipment production lines, modern R&D office buildings, advanced environmental protection equipment inspection and test centers, and cool BOEEP Exhibition Hall and so on.

At the same time of planning and construction of the new plant, the company has introduced domestic leading management consulting and information service organizations, and introduced the leading PLM R&D management platform, customer management system CRM, enterprise resource planning ERP, in-plant intelligent logistics, MES in batches. Intelligent workshops, etc., greatly improve R&D (R&D), PM (manufacturing), QC (quality control), WM (warehouse management) and other process management control levels, in order to achieve the company's management level and manufacturing strength of software and hardware upgrades.

BOEEP’s new plant is expected to be put into use by the end of 2019. The planning and construction of the new plant area is a new starting point and a new journey for BOEEP. All employees of BOEEP will take the planning and construction of the new factory as an opportunity to uphold the values of “integrity, innovation, cooperation and win-win”, keep making progress, and be determined to innovate, and strive to improve the company's R&D innovation ability and quality control level to create value for users. As soon as possible, the company will be built into a "leading technology-leading environmental protection equipment manufacturing and engineering service enterprise."

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