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Product description and features of Belt Filter Press
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Product description and features of Belt Filter Press

Product description and features of Belt Filter Press

Belt Filter Pressuses brand-new equipment filters, program-controlled automatic chamber filter presses, membrane filter presses, deep sludge dewatering filter presses, integrated sewage sludge treatment equipment, online precision filtration systems, etc., which are reasonable in price and reliable in environmental protection. Next, let's take a look at the product description and features of the belt press machine. Here are some answers.

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Product description of Belt Filter Press.

What are the characteristics of Belt Filter Press compared with the same type of equipment?

Product description of Belt Filter Press.

Product introduction of Belt Filter Press.

DNY type Gravity belt filter press is mainly used to treat the unconcentrated sludge in the thickening tank, such as A/O residual sludge or SBR dead sludge. It has two functions: concentration and dehydration. Compared with the drum thickening Belt Filter Press, the sludge is dewatered by belt gravity for higher capacity.

The overall structure of Belt Filter Press.

Mud feeding, dosing, mixing, and reaction are all realized in the dehydration system, and the pipelines for dehydration and mud cake output are operated under laminar flow conditions. To make the Belt Filter Press equipment run stably and reliably, the design and manufacture of the dehydrator should adapt to the harsh working environment of high temperature and 100% humidity. The dehydrator runs smoothly and normally, without impact, vibration, or abnormal noise. After the components are inspected, they can be assembled.

What are the characteristics of Belt Filter Press compared with the same type of equipment?

Belt Filter Press includes a compact structure, novel vogue, convenient operation and management, giant process capability, the low tide content of filter cake, and smart result. Compared with the same type of equipment, fully-enclosed gravity belt filter press has the following characteristics: First, the first gravity dehydration section is inclined, which makes the sludge up to 1700mm from the ground, increases the height of the sludge in the gravity dehydration section, and improves the gravity dehydration capacity. Second, the gravity dewatering section is long, the total length of the first and second gravity dewatering sections is more than 5m so that the sludge is fully dewatered and loses fluidity before pressing. At the same time, the gravity dehydration section is also equipped with special mechanisms such as reversal, and the sludge filter cake obtains the lowest water content through the effects of "wedge"-shaped and "S"-shaped squeezing. Third, the first dewatering roller adopts a "T"-shaped drain groove to quickly discharge a large amount of water after squeezing, thereby improving the dewatering effect. Fourth, there are unit automatic management devices for the deviation of the filter belt, the stress of the filter belt, and therefore the moving speed of the filter belt is often adjusted freely, and therefore the operation and management area unit convenient. Fifth, Belt Filter Press has low noise, no vibration, and low chemical dosage.

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